We have been proposing our project to researchers of different disciplines, and while a great majority are enthusiastic about the JOTE’s mission (confronting the file-drawer problem, engaging interdisciplinary debates, embracing the open science movement…), we wanted to clarify some of the specifics about who this journal is directed to, and what kind of content we are generating.

Here you can read quick answers to the question “what’s in it for me?” Why would you publish your ‘trial and error’? Why would you take your ‘failed’ project out of the drawer and make it into a publication?

If you are an experimental scientist and are wondering what you can do about publication bias, the Journal of Trial and Error may be for you.

If you are an academic looking for a place to reflect on what trial and error means in science, what is the role of failure in experimentation and theory, the Journal of Trial and Error may be for you.

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